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Below you find an overview of all the sessions held at the Cochlear Nordic Symposium 2019 and the collected presentations that are approved to share.

Day 1 - Wednesday January 23rd


Lotta Vedholm, General Manager, Cochlear Nordics



Session 1: Research and Innovation - Driving Performance


Global perspective and insights in Cochlear´s long term strategy
Richard Brook, Cochlear EMEA & Latin America


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Can functional near infrared spectroscopy help predict and monitor cochlear implant outcome?
Prof. Douglas Hartley, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, UK






Changes and challenges in indications, combined with assessments of complications in bone conduction systems
Dr Myrthe Hol, Radboud University Medical Centre, Netherlands






Clinical experience with the CI532 – Surgical aspects, hearing preservation, ECAPs and speech recognition
Dr Filip Asp, Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden






Hearing preservation with a new slim modiolar electrode
Dr Aarno Dietz, Kuopio University Hospital, Finland




Session 2: Evolution in Hearing Rehabilitation


Aging, Hearing, and Public Health – Translating Epidemiologic Insights to Clinical Trials and Public Policy in the United States
Prof. Frank Lin, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA


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Prevention of Deafness and Hearing Loss
Prof. Andrew Smith, London School of hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK


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Severe-to-profound hearing impairment: demographic data, gender differences and benefits of audiological rehabilitation
Ms Satu Turunen-Taheri, Karolinska University Hospital/Karolinska Institute, Sweden


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Is cochlear implantation the new treatment for dementia?
Dr Charlie Huins, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, UK


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Day 2 - Thursday January 24th

Session 3 - Healthcare challenges and building sustainable care models


Inspirational Speaker - The story of an ear witness
Dr Lennart Arlinger, Sweden




How connectivity can enable new care models; insights into the future of implant care
Mr Luke Crowe, Cochlear Ltd, Australia


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Prepared for the future - A sustainable service model
Ms Tracey Twomey, Head of Service Nottingham Auditory Implant Programme, UK


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Patient Privacy and Clinic Compliance in a GDPR World
Mr Stephen Bolinger, Cochlear Ltd, Australia


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Tele audiology - new ways of patient engagement
Dr Miguel Angel Aranda de Toro, GN Hearing, Denmark


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Breakout: CI Clinical & Technical  


Listening to music through a CI: It is not so bad after all!
Prof. Jeremy Marozeau, Technical University of Denmark




Assessing the benefits of bilateral cochlear implants in complex listening environments
Dr Ville Sivonen, Helsinki University Central Hospital, Finland




First results with the virtual reality spatial discrimination tool in sequentially implanted children
Dr Cristina Simoes-Franklin, National Hearing Implant and Research Centre, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, Ireland




Evidence-based Bimodal Fitting
Ms Tracey Adams, Cochlear Europe Ltd, UK




Trauma detection during CI surgery using objective measures and imaging
Dr Ralf Greisiger, Oslo University Hospital, Norway




Changes ahead in reliability reporting
Dr Barry Nevison, Cochlear Europe Ltd, UK




Breakout: New adventures in Baha



A better fit starts inside
Ms Tracey Adams, Cochlear Europe Ltd, UK 


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Baha SoundArc - hearing and speech understanding with an alternative to the softband
Prof. Martin Kompis, Inselspital Bern, Switzeland




Binaural hearing with bone conduction stimulation
Prof. Stefan Stenfelt, Linköpings University, Sweden




Single center experience of 100 implantations of transcutaneous bone conduction
Prof. Jaydip Ray, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, UK




National BCD guideline - is there a need to improve quality?
Dr Myrthe Hol, Radboud University Medical Centre Nijmegen, Netherlands




Challenges with bone conduction
Ms Theres Björk, Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions, Sweden


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