Cochlear Nordic Symposium 2019

Thank you for attending Cochlear Nordic Symposium and for contributing to an interactive meeting!

More than 210 delegates from all five Nordic countries came and we had international, as well as local speakers, sharing their research and experiences.

The theme for this year was Leading Change - Together. We are all aware of the increasing pressures that face our healthcare systems today, and the growing need to support more and more people whose lives are affected by hearing loss. The objectives of this Symposium were to share the latest research and ideas, discuss the key topics that are most critical now and for the future. The "take home" message is that we can lead change in treating hearing loss - if we do it together.

We want to thank all speakers for your great presentations and for those of you who moderated the sessions and the networking meetings. Without you, there would not have been any symposium.

We hope to see you again “next time”!

What did you think?

It is a challenge to organize such an event to suit all participants. Therefore we are eager to hear your feedback and ideas for improvement. Please take 3 minutes to respond to our survey>>


We have had many requests for the presentations from the symposium. Click here to find the collected presentations that are approved to share.

Photos from the symposium

Below you find a selection of the photos taken during Cochlear Nordic Symposium.